The guardian angel Seraphina

This is the guardian angel Seraphina! 🙂 

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„Seraphina. An angel among us. Part 1“

In this moving story Manuela Gassner narrates the missions of Seraphina, a helping guardian angel, on earth. Together with her sisters, Seraphina is part of the celestial army to benefit the humans.
However, one day Seraphina notices that the help for the humans is not sufficient any longer.
So she decides to travel to earth and with her sisters she celebrates the farewell to the forthcoming most important journey of her life.
She travels to a sad boy in kindergarten, to an old lady bemoaning her deceased husband, two friends not talking anymore and to lovers suffering from their separation.
Seraphina is happy to serve her mission and to bring wonderful heart’s messages to earth, which she has learned with her sisters in heaven. These are meant to be small gifts for the readers.
Seraphina is carrying one of these messages deeply in her own heart: „Love will always find you.“
One day Seraphina feels that the desire of a soul partner has also awakened inside herself. She realises that her soul is calling and she instinctively knows that she will follow this call.
„With her celestial character Seraphina Manuela Bösch narrates in a wonderful and easy way that we humans are protected by guardian angels and brings precious messages to earth.“

Copyright © 2016 by Mag. Manuela Gassner

Illustrated by Aliosa Tran Phan                    

Translated from the first German edition by Manuela Bösch & Stephanie Rasberger                                                                                                           Manufactured and published by BoD – Books on Demand, Nordenstedt                  ISBN: 9783741237300                                                                                                             All rights reserved. The moral right of the author has been asserted.